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RFC: Adding "Requires: alsa-sof-firmware" to F31 kernel-modules pkgs
by Hans de Goede
2 weeks, 3 days
[OS-BUILD PATCH] Drop the requirement to have a remote called linus
by Gitlab Bridge
3 weeks, 2 days
[PATCH 0/1] Fix MST regressions picked up in the Fedora kernel
by Lyude Paul
3 weeks, 5 days
Re: dropping NSS DBM format support in F33+
by Justin Forbes
3 weeks, 6 days
Issue with booting on latest kernels (EFI_DISABLE_PCI_DMA related)
by Igor Gnatenko
4 weeks
Re: dropping NSS DBM format support in F33+
by Ondrej Mosnacek
4 weeks, 1 day
Fedora kernel workflow feedback
by Don Zickus
1 month
[Fedora Test Week] Kernel 5.6 Test Week Results
by Sumantro Mukherjee
1 month
Upcoming Fedora kernel workflow changes
by Jeremy Cline
1 month, 1 week
Probable issue with i965 in pre-rc1 5.7 kernels
by Bruno Wolff III
1 month, 1 week
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