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[OS-BUILD PATCHv3 0/0] scriptlets: clean up declared installation dependencies, stop calling kernel-install in chroot or container
by Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek (via Email Bridge)
7 months, 2 weeks
[OS-BUILD PATCH] Add gcc-c++ to BuildRequires
by GitLab Bridge on behalf of jmflinuxtx
9 months, 1 week
[PATCH 0/3] pre-generated initrd and unified kernels
by Gerd Hoffmann
10 months
[OS-BUILD PATCH 0/2] Reduce disk space requirements of the kernel build
by Ondrej Mosnáček (via Email Bridge)
11 months, 3 weeks
[OS-BUILD PATCHv5 0/0] redhat/configs: Enable INIT_STACK_ALL_ZERO for Fedora
by Miko Larsson (via Email Bridge)
12 months
[OS-BUILD PATCH] redhat/configs enable CONFIG_INTEL_IFS
by David Arcari (via Email Bridge)
1 year
by Petr Oros (via Email Bridge)
1 year
[OS-BUILD PATCH 0/0] [redhat] New configs in lib/Kconfig.debug
by CKI Gitlab (via Email Bridge)
1 year
[OS-BUILD PATCH] redhat/configs: enable UINPUT on aarch64
by Benjamin Tissoires (via Email Bridge)
1 year
[OS-BUILD PATCHv2] redhat/Makefile.variables: Add ADD_COMMITID_TO_VERSION
by Prarit Bhargava (via Email Bridge)
1 year
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