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auto-biarch (x86_64 + i686) LiveDVD patch + ISO
by Jan Kratochvil
10 years, 7 months
[PATCH v2] Implement %post --erroronfail
by Daniel Drake
11 years, 2 months
Custom initrd
by Mads Kiilerich
11 years, 4 months
Fedora 12 Live CD creation error : Unable to run ['/usr/bin/passwd', '-d', 'root']!
by Nirmal A
11 years, 7 months
[PATCH] Also call fdisk in C locale to make the output predictable.
by Alexander Boström
11 years, 7 months
Pointers to live usb using super floppy format
by Bruno Wolff III
11 years, 7 months
Cannot select PAE kernel at boot
by Taylor, Monroe E
11 years, 7 months
[PATCH] Implement %post --erroronfail
by Daniel Drake
11 years, 7 months
F12 DVD doesn't have anaconda-runtime
by Jasper Hartline
11 years, 7 months
by Warren Togami 砥上勇
11 years, 7 months
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