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[releng] Issue #7403: Consider no longer producing the Workstation repo tree in composes
by Neal Gompa
6 days, 22 hours
[releng] Issue #7445: [RFE][PATCH] make $releasever return "rawhide" on Rawhide
by Kamil Páral
1 week
[releng] Issue #7793: Implement new Fedora Security policy for retiring packages with security bugs
by Huzaifa Sidhpurwala
3 weeks, 1 day
[releng] Issue #7575: Impact check for Fedora 29 change: Isolation
by Florian Weimer
3 weeks, 6 days
[releng] Issue #7718: The FTBFS cleanup policy is not happening
by Miro Hrončok
3 weeks, 6 days
[releng] Issue #7606: F29 system wide change: uEFI for ARMv7
by Peter Robinson
1 month
[releng] Issue #7996: Taking over Hoard
by Emery D Berger
1 month
[releng] Issue #8143: 12 packages have no git directory on pkgs02, but are active in pdc.
by Kevin Fenzi
1 month
[releng] Issue #7490: container/waiverdb has no f28 branch?
by Ralph Bean
1 month
[releng] Issue #8166: Retire module stream "hub:prerelease"
by Stephen Gallagher
1 month
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