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upgrading RH 9 system->Fedora with iso files and apt only
by Didier Casse
1 year, 4 months
autoconf breakage on x86_64.
by Sam Varshavchik
16 years, 8 months
APT repository problems with up2date
by Jos Vos
18 years, 6 months
emacs-nxml-mode new version out.
by Gavin Henry
18 years, 6 months
gnupg newpg gpgme gpgme03 cryptplug isuses
by Dennis Gilmore
18 years, 7 months
gqview removed from rawhide
by Christopher Aillon
18 years, 8 months
Traffic shaping broken with kernel errata
by Chris Adams
18 years, 8 months
clean up updates/testing
by Farkas Levente
18 years, 8 months
Where to report a missing component in bugzilla?
by Matthias Saou
18 years, 8 months
open-xchange release
by Neal Becker
18 years, 8 months
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