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F30 Self-Contained Change proposal: krb5 crypto modernization
by Ben Cotton
12 minutes
F30 System-Wide Change proposal: Replace Comps Language Group With Langpacks
by Ben Cotton
19 minutes
Call for zchunk repodata testers
by Jonathan Dieter
30 minutes
Self Introduction - Robert Fairley
by Robert Fairley
1 hour, 7 minutes
Can we please stop enforcing Signed-off-by commits?
by Miro Hrončok
2 hours, 16 minutes
[HEADS UP] Removal of ldconfig scriptlets
by Igor Gnatenko
2 hours, 37 minutes
where to put udev rules for to support cloud providers
by Dusty Mabe
2 hours, 40 minutes
systemd unit file not updated on new package update
by Germano Massullo
3 hours, 24 minutes
[Guidelines change] Changes to the packaging guidelines
by Jason L Tibbitts III
3 hours, 31 minutes
Fedora rawhide compose report: 20190117.n.0 changes
by Fedora Rawhide Report
4 hours, 5 minutes
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