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F28 System Wide Change: Removal of Sun RPC Interfaces From glibc
by Jan Kurik
2 minutes
Help required: bootstrap-build of java-1.8.0-openjdk for giflib-5.x update
by Sandro Mani
4 minutes
Schedule for Wednesday's FPC Meeting (2018-01-24 18:00 UTC)
by James Antill
54 minutes
Building software based on Firefox 58 ? Please read
by Kai Engert
3 hours, 31 minutes
Self-Introduction Christian Glombek (lorbus) / NEEDSPONSOR / NEEDREVIEWs / Let's Meet @ DevConf or FOSDEM!
by Christian Glombek
4 hours, 40 minutes
Wyland is a disaster
by Howard Howell
5 hours, 13 minutes
net-snmp unresponsive maintainer
by Tomasz Kłoczko
6 hours, 17 minutes
Test gating enabled in Bodhi
by Pierre-Yves Chibon
6 hours, 29 minutes
Split valgrind-tools-devel from valgrind-devel package
by Mark Wielaard
7 hours, 50 minutes
Unannounced SONAME bump in tinyxml2
by Igor Gnatenko
8 hours, 10 minutes
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