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Heads up, upcoming mass spec update to explicitly BuildRequire python3-setuptools
by Tomas Hrnciar
10 minutes
Kdump with full-disk LUKS encryption
by Kairui Song
47 minutes
Fedora rawhide compose report: 20210419.n.0 changes
by Fedora Rawhide Report
1 hour, 5 minutes
[Help needed] Possible change from gcc failed both openxr and luxcorerender
by Luya Tshimbalanga
1 hour, 36 minutes
Spaces in tarball directory name
by Vitaly Zaitsev
2 hours, 21 minutes
Fedora-Cloud-32-20210419.0 compose check report
by Fedora compose checker
2 hours, 32 minutes
PETSc 3.15
by Antonio T. sagitter
2 hours, 38 minutes
Non-responsive maintainer: liangwen12year nando pavlix zoglesby
by Pierre-Yves Chibon
2 hours, 52 minutes
Next for ARC - researching how to replace PDC
by Adam Saleh
3 hours, 30 minutes
Fedora-Cloud-33-20210419.0 compose check report
by Fedora compose checker
4 hours, 54 minutes
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