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Help packaging PyTorch dependencies for Fedora
by Kaitlyn Abdo
23 hours, 53 minutes
Rust bindings for Python (pyo3 versions <0.19, cpython) broken with Python 3.12
by Fabio Valentini
1 week, 4 days
Co-maintainers for my ham packages
by Matt Domsch
2 weeks, 3 days
DNF5: Checking signatures of packages installed out of a repository?
by Petr Pisar
2 weeks, 5 days
Documentation for F15's "Remove SETUID" Change?
by Michel Alexandre Salim
3 weeks, 1 day
Automate your Fedora package maintenance using Packit
by Laura Barcziova
3 weeks, 4 days
dnf conflict in rawhide Docker container in GitHub Action
by Chris Kelley
3 weeks, 6 days
Making -Wmissing-include-dirs an error?
by Neal Gompa
3 weeks, 6 days
Request for comment- tuned replacing power-profiles-daemon plan
by Kate Hsuan
1 month
openmpi 5.0.0 update coming - drops i686 and C++ API
by Orion Poplawski
1 month
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