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Improving Fedora boot time when libvirt is installed
by Gordon Messmer
9 hours, 29 minutes
F38 proposal: Rpmautospec by Default (System-Wide Change proposal)
by Ben Cotton
16 hours, 10 minutes
Orphaned packages looking for new maintainers
by Miro Hrončok
16 hours, 18 minutes
List of long term FTBFS packages to be retired next week
by Miro Hrončok
18 hours, 48 minutes
Schedule for Tuesday's FESCo Meeting (2023-01-31)
by Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek
1 day, 12 hours
HEADS-UP: Upcoming retirement of long-term-unused packages for Rust crates
by Fabio Valentini
2 days, 14 hours
Proposal: explicitly require full process to resubmit rejected proposals to FESCo
by Ben Cotton
4 days, 10 hours
x86_64-v2 in Fedora
by Neal Gompa
4 days, 12 hours
Orphaning lizardfs
by Jonathan Dieter
5 days, 8 hours
-fno-omit-frame-pointer does not work as advertised
by Kevin Kofler
5 days, 11 hours
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