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F34 gdm login prompt goes crazy when a fingerprint reader with no enrolled prints is present
by Hans de Goede
8 hours, 45 minutes
Status update for the new AAA system
by Aurelien Bompard
9 hours, 52 minutes
Fedora 35 Change: Autoconf-2.71 (Self-Contained Change proposal)
by Ben Cotton
20 hours, 5 minutes
OCaml 4.12
by Jerry James
1 day, 12 hours
Fedora 34 Change: GitRepos-master-to-main (Self-Contained Change)
by Ben Cotton
1 day, 13 hours
Building custom kernels
by Julian Sikorski
2 days, 8 hours
Fedora 35 Change: rpmautospec - removing release and changelog fields from spec files (System-Wide Change proposal)
by Ben Cotton
2 days, 11 hours
How to build RISC-V Fedora disk image by muself
by Jinyan
3 days, 7 hours
systemd-resolved fallback DNS servers: usability vs. GDPR
by Tadej Janež
3 days, 15 hours
sssd: No %post/%preun/%postun?!?
by Richard Shaw
3 days, 16 hours
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