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how to (re-?)construct grub menu?
by William
3 weeks, 2 days
Old peeve still in 27
by Beartooth
1 month, 3 weeks
F27 - fail2ban not adding iptables chains
by John Horne
2 months
Failure with Intel wireless on Dell XPS 17
by Go Canes
2 months
Data backup- (udev problem)
by Angelo Moreschini
2 months, 1 week
PDF viewers: suggestions? reviews?
by Temlakos
2 months, 1 week
NetworkManager-wait-online is still utterly, and completely, broken
by Sam Varshavchik
2 months, 1 week
Not just rpcbind, but man db update as well
by Tom Horsley
2 months, 2 weeks
fc36 immediate kernel panic on reboot to 4.14.4-200
by John Pilkington
2 months, 2 weeks
micro dropout's playing video's / card games or just scrolling in an terminal.
by sixpack13
2 months, 2 weeks
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