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Kernel 5.4 iwlwifi firmware
by Leander Hutton
3 hours, 5 minutes
F30 Lenovo x140e - no wifi
by Robert Moskowitz
3 hours, 23 minutes
by Geoffrey Leach
3 hours, 30 minutes
Kid filter?
by ToddAndMargo
19 hours, 6 minutes
Long pauses using Evolution
by Robert G (Doc) Savage
23 hours, 15 minutes
system-upgrade F30->31 prompt oddness: phr009D777;preexecphr009C',data=iris)'
by Philip Rhoades
1 day, 2 hours
Fwd: tried to install F30 and F31 on 2 separate Partition on 1 external disk
by Joerg Lechner
1 day, 6 hours
laptop hangs on 5.4.x after getting out of suspend mode
by Martín Marqués
1 day, 9 hours
how do i turn off high contrast setting on fedora 31?
by Robert P. J. Day
1 day, 17 hours
First ~500ms of audio gets dropped
by Sam Varshavchik
2 days, 22 hours
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