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Bind my personal shell program to open only a specific text file extension (and not all text/plain files)
by Dario Lesca
1 hour, 16 minutes
Re: how do I use gunzip with dd?
by ToddAndMargo
3 hours, 10 minutes
grub regression in f30
by François Patte
3 hours, 44 minutes
[dnf] Transaction check error: file ... conflicts with file from package ...
by Frédéric
7 hours, 34 minutes
losetup failed to set up loop device while rescuing a SD card that does not mount
by Ranjan Maitra
19 hours, 32 minutes
by Patrick Dupre
1 day, 1 hour
mkexfatfs doesn't work?
by Richard Shaw
1 day, 2 hours
KDE on Fedora 30/31
by William Oliver
1 day, 4 hours
Please recommend a super fast video editing software for Fedora 31 Linux
by Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming
1 day, 8 hours
how do I use gunzip with dd?
by ToddAndMargo
1 day, 9 hours
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