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by Steve Grubb
5 months, 2 weeks
pkg review: pulseaudio-qt
by Rex Dieter
9 months, 3 weeks
FYI: Dolphin Bookmarks
by Colin J Thomson
9 months, 3 weeks
Konqueror does not start on the latest compose
by Lukas Ruzicka
9 months, 3 weeks
issues with kopete joining a group chat (room)
by S.Bob
9 months, 4 weeks
Call for testing: 4K displays and/or resolution scaling on X11 (especially AMD adapters)
by Adam Williamson
10 months
KDE Touchpad System Settings Disabled, Possible regressions in Xorg support
by pv.bugzilla+fedora@gmail.com
10 months
Re: proposal: Default application functionality criterion reduction
by Kamil Paral
10 months, 1 week
Revamping the Release Readiness meeting
by Ben Cotton
10 months, 2 weeks
Dolphin autostarting
by Patrick O'Callaghan
10 months, 2 weeks
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